How does the Book of Mormon Testify of Jesus Christ.

So I was asked to give a talk of how the Book of Mormon Testifies of Jesus Christ, well I would like to ask you all to look at the front cover of your Book of Mormon. It reads “ The Book of Mormon; Another Testament of Jesus Christ” So on the Cover of the Book it already Testifies of Jesus Christ, so I can basically end my talk here but, let’s go a little bit deeper into this.

This question also is the cornerstone of our whole religion because if the Book of Mormon is not true then our whole religion and church if not true but if the Book of Mormon is true then our Church truly is the Church of Jesus Christ.

So lets see how many times the Book of Mormon mentions Jesus Christ:

Jesus Christ - 64 times
Jesus - 116 times
Christ - 302 times

So the Book of Mormon talk about Jesus Christ a total of 482 times.

The first chapter of the Book of Mormon contains a prophecy about the future birth of Jesus Christ. It was given to an ancient prophet named Lehi. He became a prophet while living in Jerusalem just before the fall and was sent by prophecy to take his family and a few others to an unknown land, which we know today to be the American continent.
The group brought with them the scriptures available at that time and taught from them. In addition, they had prophets who continued to teach them the gospel, including prophesying of the birth, mission, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The book is, in modern times, subtitled to show it is a second witness of Jesus Christ, fulfilling the Biblical admonition for two witnesses.

So even in the first chapter of the first book in the Book of Mormon we read about Jesus Christ.

9 And it came to pass that he saw One descending out of the midst of heaven, and he beheld that his luster was above that of the sun at noon-day.
1 Nephi 1:9

The title page of the Book of Mormon declares that the book was written for “the convincing of the Jew and Gentile that Jesus is the Christ, the Eternal God, manifesting himself unto all nations.” That statement tells us who Jesus is. He is God and has been active among the peoples of the world. He is not an absentee landlord.

In addition to the Bible we now have the Book of Mormon, which tells of Jesus’ personal ministry as a resurrected, glorified being among the ancient Nephites in America a few months after his ascension from among the Jews. It also reveals that Jesus said he was personally going to visit the ten lost tribes of Israel after he left the Nephites. We do not have the actual record of that event yet, but we will have it when the Lord sees fit. The Book of Mormon does not compete with the Bible, but is a second witness, sent forth by the Lord to prove that the Bible record is true.

Thus the Book of Mormon enlarges the scope of our understanding of Jesus as the Savior. His ministry was not limited to the Jews of the Middle East, but extended also to America and then to the place of the lost tribes. But the Book of Mormon does not stop there. It tells us that the Lord Jesus has been active all along, in various ways, giving to every nation as much of the gospel as it could absorb and handle. This has not always been done by a personal visit, for we learn from 3 Nephi 15 that the Lord did not manifest himself personally to the gentile nations, but sent his servants to teach them. Yet the Lord has been active in one way or another among all peoples, doing for them all that he could according to their willingness, capacity, and desire to receive and to believe.

Let us look at the Nephite Declaration of Faith from Alma 33:22

Nephite Declaration of Faith
1     We “believe in the Son of God,
2     that he will come to redeem his people,
3     and that he shall suffer and die
4     to atone for their sins;
5     and that he shall rise again from the dead,
6     which shall bring to pass the resurrection,
7     that all men shall stand before him, to be judged”
       —Alma 33:22

So we see that Jesus Christ is in the forefront of the Book of Mormon.

Building upon this foundational testimony of Christ, each Book of Mormon prophet distinctively accented certain attributes of Jesus Christ. Judging simply from the names and titles they used in referring to the Lord, we can see that each Book of Mormon prophet related to and testified of Jesus in his own individual way, revealing to us things about Jesus Christ and also about the prophets who knew Him.

According to the Firm Foundation that are looking for proof that the Book of Mormon events really took place, we already have literal proof that there is just one hill Cumora, that is in New York, Lehi is also mentioned in the Bible. So by definition if we can prove that Book of Mormon events really did take place it gives us the proof we need to prove the Book of Mormon is true, thus the Book of Mormon does testify of Jesus and His Godliness.

I would like to leave you with this in the name of Jesus Christ