Is the Earth Flat? You decide with these evidence.

There has been a lot of noise about the Earth being flat in recent years. I would like to post Links here for all to read and see, some are very interesting. Hope you enjoy, and remember the Bible has never said that the Earth is a sphere. This map is 1000 Years old.
Flat Earth Antarctica & the 1000 year old Buddhist map Weather balloon video proof of flat earth
Flat Earth

Then here are a list of interesting Youtube videos.

We do not live in a Snowglobe
Flat Earth - Tesla Knew
Flat Earth and other Lands
Antarctica is not what you know
More lands and more life
Flat Earth Experiment
The Flat Earth - How and Why it is being hidden
Flat Earth hidden continent
They hide God with the biggest lie ever
What's in the Vatican Basement may shock you
The Genesis Revelation
Flat Earth Dome
How much proof do you need?
100% Proof
The Conspiracy revealed

Rob Skiba debate Dr Robert Sungenis