This section is dedicated to the apocrypha, in our Books section we have books that are also apocrypha books, but these are the true apocrypha, I will give you the links to the pdf and also the mp3 so you can listen to them. Please inform us if any links do not work.

Tobit PDF MP3
Judith PDF MP3
Esther PDF
Wisdom PDF MP3
Sirach PDF MP3
Baruch PDF MP3
Letter of Jeremiah PDF MP3
Prayer of Azariah PDF MP3
Susanna PDF MP3
Bel and the Dragon PDF MP3
1st Maccabees PDF MP3
2nd Maccabees PDF MP3
1st Esdras PDF MP3
2nd Esdras PDF MP3
Prayer for Manassah PDF MP3

We would like to thank our Brothers and Sisters at for all their hard work in bringing these works to us. We would also like to add a video that they made The Holy Ghost Beaten, please enjoy all these wonderful works.